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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I be guaranteed to be on the top of the listings?

A. Every listing has equal time at the top of the listings page. Each time someone visits the page, the listings rotate. No listings on our site are granted the exclusive position of being on the top at all times. This ensures fairness for all who list with us! If you are seeking more exposure for your listing, please consider a Featured Listing or a Banner Ad.

Q. How can I maximize my listings potential?

A. We recommend editing your listing and adding specials on a regular basis. Keep your listing information current and entice our viewers with tantalizing promotions. Are the photos displaying your property the best they can be? Pictures sell! Viewers want a good visual of where they are planning to stay. Should your property be listed in multiple categories? Contact us to find out how to add your property to multiple categories on our site, and receive more exposure to your listing.

Q. How come my city/region is not listed on your site?

A. We only add cities/regions that we have listings in. As soon as someone lists in a new city or region, it is automatically added to the site. This ensures that our viewers always have properties to see when they click on an area.

Q. When does my listing show up after I list?

A. Once payment has been verified, we activate your listing to be "live" on our site.

Q. How long is my listing good for?

A. Your listing is placed on our site for 1 year from day of payment. You will be sent a renewal invoice at that time.

Q. Our property falls into more than one category, how is this covered?

A. One category is included with your listing. If you would like your listing to show up in multiple categories, a nominal fee applies for each additional category. Please visit our Add a Listing page for more information.

Q. How many listings do you currently have?

A. TravelNet Accommodations Network has over 1,000 listings worldwide.

Q. How long has TravelNet been in business?

A. TravelNet has been in business since 1997. Our staff has over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry.

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